The Process

We offer a comprehensive landscape and garden design service following a five-stage process.


Survey & Site Analysis

Our first job is to understand your requirements. We work with you to develop a design brief on which we base the concept, style and theme of the garden.

We use a detailed questionnaire along with conversations, to understand how you want to use the space, what you like and don't like and the types of features you want in your new garden. We also review any relevant planning documents and meet any other parties involved such as architects, interior designers or structural engineers.

Before the design work begins, we carry out a site analysis to assess any existing structures, the strengths and weaknesses of the garden, and the soil, aspect and conditions of its location. We also request a topographical survey which can be carried out by us or using a third party surveyor.

Outline Design

Once the design brief has been agreed we prepare a set of presentation drawings. These include a scaled plan of the garden, elevations (to show level changes) and a colour mood board to illustrate features, finishes and planting.

We can also arrange CGI images, 3D models and other visuals if required. Included in the concept plan will be ideas about key structural planting.


Following approval of the design, we then prepare a set of detailed construction drawings including specifying all materials.

Planting brings a garden to life and we use digital mood boards to show images of the full list of plants that we will use, working with you to refine the planting palette. From this, we prepare detailed planting plans showing the placement of all trees, hedging and plants as well as varieties, quantities and spacing. A plant schedule is created from this plan which we send to a number of nurseries to provide all plant supply costs for the garden.

At the end of the detailing stage, all documents are ready for garden build quotations to be requested.


We work with a number of landscape contractors and will manage the tender process on your behalf including providing a comparison of quotations to help in your selection.

For peace of mind, we make weekly site visits during the construction phase helping to ensure that the project remains within budget and on time as well as delivering the final design and finish that we have specified. This administration phase is particularly important when multiple design parties are involved on other elements of the site development. Our involvement ensures we coordinate with them in an integrated way.

We sign off work as it is completed and will also identify and proactively manage any snagging that might arise and any variance from plan in terms of time, quality and budget.


After the garden has been built, we make visits during the following calendar year to see how things are developing and can also offer ongoing advice on design, styling and planting.

To help our clients with the ongoing maintenance of their garden, we can recommend landscape maintenance contractors and gardeners.